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Corner of Hope has proven that Montessori education works in all settings and can provide hope and perspective for communities affected by conflict. Corner of Hope has become an example and an inspiration for new initiatives that aim to bring Montessori to communities living in challenging circumstances.

To increase access to Montessori education for more children, trained Montessori teachers are essential. As Corner of Hope has shown, skilled and motivated teachers are key to providing the best chance in life for children. Highly trained adults will provide children with the support to develop to their full potential.
The training format in Kenya equips teachers with the skills to make a full set of Montessori materials, allowing them to set up Montessori classrooms in areas with limited resources.

A small investment in the training of a teacher has a great impact on all the children they work with afterwards, who will subsequently have a positive impact on their environment. Any contribution made to support the training of teachers and therefore quality education, will go a long way.
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Corner of Hope
10 years into existence, Corner of Hope is thriving and has become the heart of the New Canaan community. 102 teachers have completed their Montessori training through Corner of Hope, and more than 1000 children have passed through the school. During the last 10 years, Corner of Hope has continued to offer the highest quality Montessori education. Corner of Hope continues to build for the future by fostering self-ownership, dignity and independence and your support can contribute to the growth.
Replication in East Pokot
Corner of Hope has inspired a number of other initiatives, both in Kenya and beyond. AMI EsF is currently raising funds to introduce Montessori education to the East Pokot region in Kenya. East Pokot is a region with a high need for quality education to address the challenges for communities living in poverty in one of the harshest living climates in Kenya. At least seven people from the Pokot community will be identified to become Montessori teachers with a nationally recognized teaching qualification. Skilled and motivated teachers from the local community are key to increasing access to quality education and to breaking the cycle of poverty in the East Pokot region. Funds raised will go towards providing full tuition scholarships, a set of handmade materials, living and study expenses for eligible candidates. We aim to raise US$5000 per candidate.