Capturing the stories
Many things have changed at Corner of Hope during the last 10 years. The initial tents in New Canaan have been replaced with a solid community constructed building with 8 fully equipped Montessori classrooms. Children of the New Canaan community can now continue with their education at Corner of Hope up until the age of 12, and a second Corner of Hope school was established in Kisima. However, the most important aspect, the driving forces, have remained the same over the years, a strong inspiring group of teachers and deep engagement from the community.
These forces have created solid foundations on which to build and were essential in the early days for the Corner of Hope community. A community that still seeks to grow, to inspire and reach children and families in the community and others interested in replicating their achievements.To provide a glimpse into the daily activities and the welcoming atmosphere at Corner of Hope, we would like to share some of the beautiful moments that have been captured on camera during the last 10 years.