CoH Stories:
Former CoH students share memories
Lyvian Cheruto
My name is Lyvian Cheruto, I live in Pipeline, next to Corner of Hope. I am 15 years old. I went to the Corner of Hope school in the year 2010, I was there for only one year. My teachers were Monaischa and Zipporah. I still visit Corner of Hope, of course.

My earliest memory of Corner of Hope is when I worked with the materials for the first time. By that time, there were no classrooms. Now, there are beautiful classrooms. The method of learning has never changed. The way of learning in Corner of Hope is different from other schools, very unique. The teachers are very kind and caring. The children love it so much at Corner of Hope that they even want to stay in the evening when the school closes. My favourite Montessori material is the number rods.

I think in the future Corner of Hope will expand and serve many more children. My dream is to become a Montessori teacher.
Steven Mwangi
My name is Steven Mwangi. I live at New Canaan and I am 11 years old. I went to Corner of Hope in the year 2013. I went there for three years and my teachers were Judy and Hellen. My favourite Montessori materials were the sandpaper letters.

I still go to visit the Corner of Hope school. What has changed since I went to Corner of Hope is the roof. What has remained the same is the kindness of the teachers.

In 10 years to come I think Corner of hope will be very big. My dream is to become a pilot.
Faith Chepng'etich
My name is Faith Chepng'etich and I am 17 years old. I went to Corner of Hope in the year 2010 and my teachers were Judy and Jane. I studied at Corner of Hope for one year only. I remember that there was just a tent for classes but there was no school building. A lot has changed since that time, now there are beautiful classrooms that were not there before. What has stayed the same is that the children still get food to eat and porridge to drink, and most of the teachers who were there 10 years ago are still there.

The most special thing I have learned at Corner of Hope is to use grace and courtesy words, this has helped me a lot. My favourite material used to be the moveable alphabet, they made my reading easy. The funniest memory I have of Corner of Hope is the way I used to play with my friends and the way we were kidding with the teachers. The understanding and responsible teachers make Corner of Hope very unique. I actually still visit Corner of Hope and the teachers.

In the future more and more children will attend the Corner of Hope school. My dream for the future is to become an engineer who will be responsible towards others and help the people surrounding me.